How to Subscribe

How to subscribe


1)Decide how many Americans you want to honor by checking out the options below. Click on any one to take you to the secure Patreon subscription link. Choices will be listed as "Rewards" on the right hand side of the page.Click the "reward" price below your option. or the "become a patron" box on the upper right. The secure payment method will walk you through the rest.( Ignore the "or more." Rewards are just the flat rates listed below.)

2) Be sure to include your email when you sign up. Watch your inbox for the google form to upload your photo(s) and text.

3) When you're done with your memorial or shout-out, Email the completed form back to Your work is done!


At that point we'll check for spelling errors and to ensure guidelines are followed. We'll upload it all to the Real Great Americans website and facebook page and send you links to share. 


Call 413-242-2611 from  9-5 Pacific Coast time or email anytime.

Honor someone today! Subscribe through Patreon

One Nominee

Honor a Real Great American. $3.00/ month. 

Two Nominees

Save with two for $5.00/month. 

Three to Seven Nominees

Honor three to seven for just $7.00/ month

Eight to Fifteen Nominees

Nominate 8-15 Americans. $10.00/month

More than fifteen

Awesome deal. Pay $10.00/month. Additional nominees for just $1.00 ea/month more.

Real Great American Businesses

Plenty of businesses make America great. Shout out options will be ready soon!


Cancel Subsriptions anytime.  Sorry, no separate billing for groups-1 card per subscription only.

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